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Des savoirs experts et des conseils pratiques en matière de conception pour aider les entreprises à surmonter les difficultés, à optimiser leur expérience utilisateur et à améliorer le travail de collaboration.

Is Midjourney all AI hype, or are there practical benefits you might overlook? Discover its real-world applications, advantages for users, and explore potential life hacks
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One of the main challenges of the digital era is understanding human needs and expectations in relation to complex products. Yet our approach is often
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ENNOstudio survived the turbulent times of the pandemic by adapting to the economic context, working remotely, and finding new ways to collaborate with our clients.
AI can assist designers to unlock unprecedented opportunities and create intuitive, personalized and enjoyable user experiences.
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A design system is a set of reusable components, gathered around guidelines and standards, with the purpose of being a single source of truth. It
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Inclusiveness is the future standard in design. This is why it is important to follow these principles of inclusive design already today.
How to know if your design is hitting the UX spot. How to measure UX design usability with SUM, SUPR-Q, and NPS? This article will
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The Metaverse has been on everyone’s lips for a few years now. For some, it is seen as a dystopian or utopian virtual world where
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Enter DALL-E 2. The brainchild of OpenAI, a research lab formerly backed by Elon Musk. Named from a cheeky mashup of the late great surrealist
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How can new ideas and technologies help us improve the universe we live in ? And how to design the best metaverse that’s about to
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Keeping your product looking fresh with an up to date design often feels like a moving target. So we thought we'd keep you one step
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The awesome online conference Product Camp 2021 recently invited our CEO Guillaume Vaslin to talk about the importance of inclusive design in tech and how
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In mid-September, the ENNOstudio was paid a visit by Luca Zamoc, a multidisciplinary artist from Modena, Italy. Luca hadn't just stopped by to say Hello;
User testing is crucial for the success of your products and services. We prepared a list of light-touch Guerilla testing methods with high impact.
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“Customer-oriented, intensive, passionate” – this is how Björn Kuse (CEO of the HelloFresh from the DACH region) describes the last three days of ENNOstudio-led workshops.
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If you’re not convinced yet that it’s worth investing in professional designers, we now present the reasons why it’s time to level up your UX
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In an individualistic society the world wide web can be well wide of the mark when it comes to one-way customer user interfaces. When strengthening
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So have fun with our animated video series “INSIGHTS” and some “Behind-the-Scenes” where you can learn about its creation process beyond the final results.
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