How to Design with DALL-E: Benefits of A.I to Product Design

an astronaut riding a horse in space in a photorealistic style

Enter DALL-E 2. The brainchild of OpenAI, a research lab formerly backed by Elon Musk. Named from a cheeky mashup of the late great surrealist maestro Salvador Dali and the adorable android Wall-E of Pixar fame, DALL-E 2 is a text-to-image diffusion generator based on the lab’s A.I. But how to make use of it and design digital products. Let’s find it out.

ENNO studio at SXSW Conference & Festival

visitors experiencing the vr reality at SXSW ENNO studio

How can new ideas and technologies help us improve the universe we live in ? And how to design the best metaverse that’s about to take off. Those questions brought us to Austin, Texas, where the future is when SXSW comes to town.


Keeping your product looking fresh with an up to date design often feels like a moving target. So we thought we’d keep you one step ahead (for this year, at least) with some of our favourite design trends for 2022!

Luca Zamoc at ENNO studio

In mid-September, the ENNO studio was paid a visit by Luca Zamoc, a multidisciplinary artist from Modena, Italy. Luca hadn’t just stopped by to say Hello; he was here to paint two walls of our studio and to capture what ENNO is all about.