Our Process

These fields are part of our product & marketing strategy offering.

Discovery & Vision

Build a solid foundation for your project by focusing on product vision, customer value proposition, positioning and USPs.

Customer Journey

Design a delightful customer journey in order to create a positive experience when engaging with your product and brand.

Design Strategy

Use a design thinking approach to create successful app & web applications, to redesign your current products or to start completely over from scratch.

Product & Service Launch

Successfully launch your products with solid content, performance marketing, SEO and growth marketing strategies.

Understand what you want to achieve

We start every project with an in-depth discovery phase to immerse ourselves in your business, products and services. In this process we agree on a product vision and identify target groups, as well as clearly define the Value Proposition and USPs. Our experts work with state-of-the-art strategic frameworks to build a solid foundation for your product or service. The result is an action plan on how best to execute a holistic product strategy and user experience.

Understand your customers & their journeys

A successful product or service is dependent on how it makes your customers feel. It’s why we develop and enhance the personas that allow us to gain an understanding of what your customers want and how they interact with your product. Our experts analyze and optimize the customer journey, so as to help you please customers at critical touchpoints when they are likely to either fall in love with your product or turn away from it.

We help your team to find the spark it needs to create practical and lovable digital products

Helping design your product

We support ideation and feature development – which takes into account the needs of the user – in order to achieve the most effective product. We create minimal viable products and full web & app designs, plus we redesign your current digital products. The approach is always customer-centric and iterative for all our digital product designs.

Reach your marketing goals

We are ready to plan, build and launch your new product or service by creating a solid communication & content strategy across all platforms. We introduce a performance marketing & SEO framework for your team and develop growth hacking strategies aimed at reaching customer goals.

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Our Services

These fields are part of our research and insights process.

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How to get started with product design for your brand?

There are several steps to the kick-off of a new product design. Firstly, it’s important to understand the strength of the company and its USP. You should also make yourself aware of the team’s potential. After this inner perspective phase, it’s important to look at the market and build personas. Then the Jobs-to-be-Done should be defined based on user pain points and expectations. Once the JTBD is mapped, you can then move on to user journeys, where you define the different user flows and start wireframing. It’s important to involve stakeholders in this process on a consistent basis and to test the definitions with end users. The visuals can then be handed over to the development team once they have been tested and are ready.

What is a customer journey?

A customer journey is the sequence of interactions a client has with a brand or a product. It captures all the customer steps of engagement – from initial awareness to the consideration and decision phase, though to purchase and the post purchase experience. Understanding the customer journey is crucial for businesses. It helps them better comprehend and meet the needs and expectations of the customer at each step of engagement. This enables those who design the product/s to enhance the customer experience and optimize marketing strategies in order to build long-term relationships with customers.

How to create prototypes and mockups?

Creating prototypes and mockups involves using design software like Adobe XD or Figma. The creation of digital prototypes is crucial to the design process. It enhances collaboration among teams and ensures a clear and common understanding and representation of the final digital product design. Prototypes and mockups translate conceptual ideas into visual representation; at the beginning with less detailed elements (lo-fi prototype) and then developing into a more detailed, even interactive, prototype (hi-fi prototype). Depending on your project, the final prototype will give you customer insights that can be used for further testing or that you can hand over to development.

What is the cost of a product and marketing strategy?

The cost of a digital product and a marketing strategy depends on several factors. These include the complexity of the project, the level of expertise required and the scope of work, as well as the number of iterations. Feel free to contact us for an accurate estimate for your project. In a short 30-60 minute meeting we will go through your project and the expectations for it. We will then come to a shared understanding of your goals and needs. Finally, we will work out a detailed estimate – based on these initial exchanges – tailored to your specific product design project.

Some of our work

Projects at ENNOstudio

We design digital experiences that truly answer the needs of the end user. We create products – after studying the needs of the audience – that are both engaging to use and resolve real user issues.

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