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image showing the figma interface and structure of designsystem

Figma partner

ENNOstudio x Figma

All of us at ENNOstudio use Figma power: with our project experience and software know-how we not only design great digital products but also disseminate our knowledge and expertise. We have worked successfully with Figma since its beginnings and have used it to design and launch more than 50 digital products that have helped create engaging digital experiences for big corporates, such as Sparda, Migros Bank, Wüstenrot and the ADAC.

As a result of our successful and long-standing relationship with Figma, we are first in line for the latest updates, and we also have full access to their events and resources.

image showing the figma partnership with ENNOstudio

4 reasons why you should use Figma

Encourage collabo­ration

Multiple people can work together and what they produce is visible to all types of stakeholder.

Masterful with regard to UX/UI design

Numerous features and plug-ins answer all needs as far as modern digital experiences go.

Great for testing and feedback

Share prototypes and do so that everyone is able to comment on and review and comment the current design stage of the product.

Hassle-free handoffs

Figma displays code snippets and assets export in readiness for implementation.

Ready for your next Figma project?

How we will get you there?

Workshops & Training

Be it for big corporates or small business, we transfer knowledge at scale for those just getting started with Figma who need strategic and operational guidance regarding the best way of leveraging via the platform and of bringing know-how into the team.

• Ideation on Figjam
• Introduction to Figma
• Introduction to the Design System

Product Design

As top-tier Figma designers that create engaging products, we act as sparing partner to ensure a comprehensive know-how transfer to the team. We create inclusive products and ensure they meet the economic goals of your company.

• UX Design & Wireframing
• UI Design
• Prototyping

Design System & Ops

We help generate effective and efficient set up and design team processes. We help you create and maintain a design system and define the design system matrix. We also set up the user management. We then accompany you when you migrate your existing design tools to Figma.

• Migration
• File Orga and DSM
• Design System

image showing the figma skills
image showing the figma skills

Our strongpoint: design systems and accessibility

Design Systems

We are design system experts

A design system is a set of reusable components – gathered around guidelines and standards – that functions as a single source of truth. We build design systems in Figma to reduce redundancy, create easy scalability for new services and/or products, and to ensure visual consistency across all platforms.


Designing for all

We believe that designers can build a fairer world by taking everyone’s needs into consideration – ensuring that as many people as possible can have access to and use digital interfaces. We create inclusive designs by leveraging the power of Figma – from microcopy to color choices. Check out our Insights.

image showing different faces of people to represent inclusivity

Figma x ENNOstudio

Ensuring a smooth digitalization process

Collaboration can be the driver or the obstacle in developing digital products. And it can become a challenge, for example in companies from traditional industries or when teams work decentrally and sometimes hundreds of miles apart. This is where working with Figma can offer a variety of benefits. In a joint on-demand webinar with Figma, we talk about how ENNOstudio used Figma and FigJam to help one of our clients, BARMER, on their digital journey. But see for yourself!

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Sharing is caring

We do our best to release resources to the Figma community on a regular basis. We provide hands-on design recommendations:
- based on our extensive project experience
- that fit the current business reality.

Discover how we work with Figma

We were interviewed by Figma so they could understand how we collaborate with traditional European companies and how their tool helps boost the efficiency of both our agency and our clients.

Get your questions answered

If you need further help with your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Figma?

Figma is a design and prototyping tool employed mainly for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. It is used to ideate, design, share and test concepts for digital products.

What is Figjam?

FigJam is a whiteboarding and brainstorming tool – also developed by Figma. It is used mainly for ideation, creative meetings and workshops. The big advantages of Figma and Figjam – as cloud-based tools – are team collaboration and being able to link designs to a design library. With these tools users can view and work, including doing edits, on the same design file at the same time.    

Why to use Figma?

Figma is particularly good for teamwork, since real-time collaboration allows for simultaneous commenting and editing. The other big advantage is that a design system can be built directly in Figma, which allows for design consistency and the facilitating of collaboration between teams.

How to use Figma for business?

Using Figma is the best way to centralize customer insights, user know-how and product development. We usually start on a whiteboard – such as Figjam – to collate first ideas and personas, to define the Jobs-to-be-Done and to draft the first flows. We then switch to Figma to build wireframes and screen designs. Figma streamlines the design process and promotes consistency across projects, which is why it has become our creative weapon of choice at ENNOstudio.

Do you only work with Figma?

At ENNOstudio we work with a wide range of creative tools. For example, for product design we use Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch and the soon to be discontinued InVision and XD solutions. Also, we usually iterate on virtual whiteboards, such as Miro or Figjam. However, we believe that for collaborative work and prototyping, it’s easier to work with an all-in-one solution like Figma combined with Figjam.

How long does it take to implement Figma?

Implementing Figma depends on many factors such as the size of the team, the complexity of the design project and the existing familiarity with design tools. Plus, the technology and design literacy within a company. Generally, setting up a Figma account and creating a team is a relatively quick process, but full implementation involves factors like team onboarding, adapting to collaborative workflows and establishing design processes. But do not worry: ENNOstudio is by your side throughout the entire process.

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