Our Process

The all-important 4 steps when designing a product experience.


Thanks to a creative workshop and ideation, we define the core idea driving the design of a product and use it as a statement.

Design Audit

If a product already exists, we conduct a heuristic UX and UI analysis and come up with concrete improvements.


We visualize the architecture of our idea using ready-to-be-tested, low- to high-fidelity wireframes.

Visual Design

We create and validate the design, making sure it fulfills end-user and company expectations.

Conception: Set up design vision, scope and strategy

If you know your goal, you are already on the right path to achieving it. We start our creative journey by clearly identifying the design vision for the project. It’s important to identify at the outset the pain points and frustrations that our design will solve and how this will positively impact the user’s life. In this phase, we define the scope necessary to solve the problem – creating a roadmap and timeline. We then define the overall design strategy with the help of mood boards and design principles.

Review existing design

When working on a product for many years teams can sometimes become operationally blind and lose sight of what end users want. So, we underpin the experience by auditing existing products and services using a heuristic approach. We execute a UX/UI review that simulates the user perspective via a cognitive walkthrough guided by best practices. Lastly, we come up with concrete, hands-on recommendations supported by the relevant visualization (user flows, wireframes, UI components, etc.).

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Using wireframing for rapid testing

We prototype digital products with the help of wireflows: a suite of wireframes illustrating the user journey. This way we can break down each step of the process; highlighting the hierarchy of information, touchpoints, interactions and the content. We usually also identify the emotional changes a user goes through – from frustration to happy moments – in order to create a pleasant experience overall. The wireframes allow for rapid testing and quick iterations. The prototype is not only there to validate assumptions from an external audience, but also to make sure the product aligns with the vision of stakeholders. We build, depending of the tech literacy and interpretation skills of the audience, low- to high-fidelity prototypes.

Design interfaces that users truly enjoy

We bring the product to life when designing the interface. We create every screen view of user flows and deliver it to the development team. We make sure our designs are intuitive and engaging for the selected target group by using a visual language they understand. Following the atomic design principle, we conceive the UI using a modular approach; gathering components in a library or design system. This way we can ensure a consistent design and allow for continuous improvement of the product.

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We design digital experiences that truly answer the needs of the end user. We create products – after studying the needs of the audience – that are both engaging to use and resolve real user issues.

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