Workshops & Training

We help you to generate innovative ideas and breathe new life into your products, and inspire your team with a course introducing new design and marketing skills.

With our workshops & training we share our strategy, design and marketing expertise to offer you a fresh perspective on the challenges you're facing to help motivate your team to achieve your goals.

Not just talking,
but doing.

Our workshops are here to light the spark to inspire long term impact and change for your team, product and company. Identify new opportunities and think up fresh ideas with our discovery or ideation sessions, or inspire your team with a Design Thinking mindset, UX or marketing excellence coaching. And we design customised training courses specific to your needs.

There’s never a bad time to pause and take stock. Across all our workshops & training sessions, you’ll get:

We help your team find the spark to create digital products that are practical and lovable.

woman presenting in workshop and coaching on flipboard ENNOstudio

No matter what stage your project's at, there's never a bad time to get more out of your ideas, your products or your strategy.

design thinking double diamond framework used for innovation prcesses at ENNOstudio

We help your team find a new path

We help you put an end to bad work habits by bringing your team out of their comfort zone and introduce a range of creative, interactive and surprising formats to renew enthusiasm and focus.

In all of our sessions your team will be actively involved and feel highly engaged, delivering outputs everyone will be proud of.

Our workshops and training help your team be more adaptable, innovative, agile and proactive.

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HelloFresh Workshop & Training

Projects at ENNOstudio

We design digital experiences that truly answer the needs of the end user. By studying the needs of the audience, we create products that are both engaging to use and resolve real user issues.

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