Our Process

The following elements are part of our research and insights process.

Research & Market Overview

Discover opportunities and customer insights so as to understand market & customer trends, and to make informed decisions about your product strategy.

UX Audit

Identify usability issues and problematic areas for users in order to optimize and adapt your digital product so that it has biggest impact.

Interviews & Surveys

Gain a deeper understanding of your target group with interviews & surveys. Find out the needs and pain points, and test your early stage concepts and hypotheses.

Usability Testing

Test your prototypes and mock-ups at all stages to understand if your interface design or a certain feature works properly.

Build a solid foundation with a research & market overview

Why is market and trend research important? Thorough research is essential for starting and running successful product development and for creating a solid business model. While competitive analysis provides you with current product insights and a services landscape, trend research helps you gain insights into how the market may evolve. Employing industry and cross-industry best practices, we support you in identifying market opportunities and in gaining important customer insights concerning your target groups.

Find weak spots using our UX Audit

We evaluate your current solution and come up with answers to problems with regard to your user experience. The usability audit helps us define core problems in your product that, if tackled correctly, can lead to an increase in your product’s conversion rates, improve its usability and address user objections.

We help your team to find the spark it needs to create practical and lovable digital products

Empathize with your target group through customer interviews & surveys

Understanding your customers is key to a customer-centric product design approach. Customer needs and pain points can be uncovered with the help of interviews, immersive research, diary studies and surveys. This is important at all stages of the design thinking process in order to get early and regular feedback that will positively influence design and development for customers.

Usability Testing

Testing early on is particularly relevant when developing a product or service. This means validating all stages of the design process – from concept to mock-ups and prototypes, through to working interfaces – to see if interaction with a product or service works as planned. This will give you insights into how your customer interacts with your customers interface.

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These fields are part of our research and insights process.

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Projects at ENNOstudio

We design digital experiences that truly answer the needs of the end user. We create products – after studying the needs of the audience – that are both engaging to use and resolve real user issues.

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